Types of parking spaces in Paris

Finding parking in such a densely crowded city with traffic as Paris can become a nightmare if you are driving during rush hour or holiday seasons. If you are traveling by car and you don’t know the best places to park in Paris, you will expose your vehicle to potential vandalism and the danger of being fined. For this reason, the problem of parking in Paris is just as important as the problem of finding a place to stay. So as is often the case, free parking spaces are very popular, while paid parking is sometimes costly.

Types of parking spaces in Paris

Rotating lanes

Parking is paid from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm, free on Sundays and public holidays. Only visitor parking is possible.

Mixed lanes

It is also free on Sundays and public holidays, and from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm you must pay for parking. Both types of parking, residential and visitor, are permitted.

Long Term Parking

Parking in Paris is becoming increasingly problematic, that’s the reason why parking for rent is the ideal solution to find a parking space without difficulty.

In Paris, whether on rotating lanes or mixed lanes, the parking period is generally limited to two hours. However, there are other long-term parking solutions: residential parking, long-term parking authorized by the police, rental parking or visitor parking.

How to obtain long-term parking right in Paris?

You can apply for long-term parking permission at the police station. The permission, however, does not guarantee that you can reserve the place.

Residential parking

Long term parking is a concern for vehicle owners residing in Paris, so residential parking facilitates the parking for residents who wish to use public transport from time to time, leaving cars near their homes. It permits you to park your vehicle up to 7 days in a row, except public holidays. Residents benefit from highly favorable rates, provided they have a residential card (it costs 45 € per year). This card is only available to persons having a principal residence in Paris with vehicles of less than 3.5 tons. The residential parking card is free for low-emission vehicles such as electric cars or hybrids (except diesel).

Visitor parking

Visitor parking is also known as "rotating parking," it is limited to six consecutive hours but from two o'clock the price increases very rapidly. The hourly rate varies between € 2.40 and € 4 depending on the area.

Rented or shared parking

Many owners have parking space available especially during the day. They only use them at night to park their vehicles. Other hotels are also renting their parking lots.

Parking rates andtariff zones in Paris

Parking rates in Paris differ from one zone to another, and it also depends on the type of parking. The French capital consists of 20 districts. The central area of Paris, covering arrondissements 1 to 11, charges you €4 per hour. Parking is limited to 2 hours in a row at the same location. Tariff zone 2 comprises the 12th arrondissement up to the 20th. The parking rate in this zone is €2.40 per hour, and always limited to 6 hours at the same place. You can also choose to park in Paris in the underground car parking spaces, open 24/7.

The French State sets parking rates. The city of Paris and the Prefecture of Police define parking areas and ensure the control of parking.

Rates for residential parking

If you hold a residential parking card, the maximum parking period allowed with this type of parking is seven consecutive days. Rates can be set for the day at € 1.50 or per week for € 9.

Parking signs

You can recognize Rotating or visitor car parks by the sign P, mixed-road parking is recognizable by the sign P with a yellow pellet.

Here are some tips for finding available parking spaces easily:

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