Tips for shopping in Paris

Nobody questions that Paris is one of the finest cities in the world for shopping. The city’s different quarters each have their mood and atmosphere. Expect to find shops selling classic and expensive items, new fashion centers, outlets, along with bohemian designers and independent gift shops and boutiques. The city adapts to any budget since there is a variety of commercial spots.

Champs-Élysées and other shopping streets

One of the main avenues associated with Paris is the Champs Elysees, where French tour usually ends. On the upper part of the street, you can find luxury shops and department stores.

The Avenue Montaigne and the Rue Saint Honorépresent the most expensive and luxurious jewelry stores in the capital.

Rue Royale next to the Plaza de la Concordia, consists of fashion centers belonging to Hermes, Prada and Saint Laurent.

If you are shopping on a small budget, Latin Quarter or the Saint Germainneighborhood is a better option for you.

Department stores

Galeries La Fayette - The most famous department store even outside of France is Galeries LaFayette. This place is a tourist attraction. You can find the best brands of clothing, footwear, perfumery and decoration and appliances there. Although it doesn’t seem old, the store opened at the end of the 19th century.

Le Bon Marché opened 40 years ago In a neoclassical building located in the area known as the Rive Gauche. Close to Le Bon Marché you can find Saint Germaindistrict with antique shops, luxury boutiques and the typical Parisian cafes.

The street also crosses the Latin Quarter, student area with more affordable prices especially if you are looking for bookstores.

Galerie Vivienne , the best-preserved gallery,has a beautiful mosaic floor and impressive iron-and-glass roof. This favorite spot is home to the ateliers-boutiques of Jean-Paul Gaultierand Nathalie Garçon.

Galerie Véro-Dodat dates from 1826 and is perhaps the finest of the passages, with wood-and-brass shop fronts and carved Corinthian capitals. Highlights include leather goods.

Passage du Grand Cerf is one of the most creative headquarters. Here you can admire the work by cutting-edge graphic designers, milliners, and jewelers.

Offers and outlets

For those with a smaller budget, there are also more traditional shopping centers such as the Forum Les Halleslocated in Les Halles, accessible from the metro station of the same name, with a good variety of shops.

For those who prefer shopping at more known shops and more affordable prices, they can visit Rue Rivolinear the Louvre Museum.

Affordable Chain Stores

Several European chain shops sell stylish clothing at meager prices.These stores have loads of colorful clothing but don’t expect high quality. You can find branches of these shops throughout the city:

Caroll : A little more conservative, with a good selection of moderately priced clothing for working women who want something more feminine.

Mango: Colors at this Spanish chain tend to favor a Mediterranean character.

Promod : A French chain with great clothes. The look is young, but not adolescent.

Zara: Another Spanish outfit, Zara produces both work and play clothes for the young and trendy.

Comptoir des Cotonniers: It’s a chain with modernized clothing that you can wear both in the office and on casual occasions.

Valleé Village Shopping Outlet

In the outskirts of Paris, in the ValleéVillage, you can find Shopping Outlet offering clothes and accessories from previous seasons with a minimum of 33% discount.

You will find shops of brands such as Baccarat, Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach, Michael Kors, and Versace.

Flee Markets

Another exciting option is the street markets of Paris where it is possible to find all kinds of bargains, such as the classic Marché aux Puces, with open stalls from Saturday to Monday, from 7 am to 2 pm. You can get old linens, vintage Hermès scarves, toys, ephemera, costume jewelry, perfume bottles there. Sadly,dealers tend to raise the prices when they hear a foreign accent.

Also, for those who want to discover the most alternative and authentic fashion in Paris, you should not miss the Marais district where you can find all kinds of clothes and accessories to obtain a real Parisian look. In case of doubt, you can hire the service of a personal shopper to accompany you on your way through the area.

Do not forget that with the Paris Pass you can get discounts at some stores in Paris and visit attractions and move around the city free of charge as well.

Make sure you don’t carry more money than you need, and keep essential items, such as credit cards and passports secure and out of sight. Chip-and-pin is the norm for card transactions. ATMs are everywhere. You can change cash at some banks, post offices and money-exchange offices. Many shops don’t accept €100bills or higher. Prices displayed in shops regularly include France’s TVA (value-added tax).Non-EU residents can often claim a refund of TVA paid on goods.

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